Our Advanced Facilities


The Emergency department at Ashraf Memorial Hospital for over 500+ adult and paediatric patients every year across our emergency departments. In an effort to deliver world class care, our emergency department follows international protocols in acute care management, particularly for heart attack(MI), stroke, abdominal emergencies and polytrauma. Network wide data is collected and reviewed monthly to ensure continuous improvement in quality of care. Our motto, “ Every patient to the right clinician at the Hospital.


A good dental care means regularly brushing and flossing your teeth, going for frequent dental check-ups, and consuming a healthy diet. Practicing these habits will prevent your gums from getting damaged, control bad breath, and increase the life of your teeth. The common ailments that require dental care are bad breath, caries or cavities, gingivitis or gum diseases, abscesses, loosening of tooth, leukoplakia or white patches and cancer of the mouth. At Ashraf Memorial Hospital, we offer dental care with Implantology, Invisible Braces, Laser Dentistry (painless soft tissue treatment), Paediatric Dentistry, and a painless root canal treatment to patients. .


O.P.D. Chemist Shop CT Scan, X-ray, ECG & Ultrasound. General & Specialist Doctors Available for consultation, Super specialist consultation By prior appointment including Endoscopic Examination.


General ward , Single Room With Cooler, Deluxe AC Room &Super Deluxe AC Room & Twin sharing Room.


Testing of Blood, Urine, Stool, Sputum, Biopsy, Semen Analysis, CSF. Biochemistry, Microbiology, Hematology, FNAC, Cancer Markers & Hormones under the supervision of experienced Pathologist.